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Design-Build Overview

MSI is a renowned company uniquely qualified to design, build and install sign systems. The company offers a unified, cohesive and seamless look to signage and wayfinding. Choosing a design-build-installation firm has benefits, which include: enhanced communication between the design, fabrication and installation components, cost savings and further flexibility in modifications.

MSI has become a sign industry leader largely because of its systematic approach. Our departments work very closely together from the initial stages, virtually eliminating miscommunication and allowing us to provide quality products exactly as they were envisioned.

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Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental Graphic Design embraces many design disciplines including graphic; architectural; interior; landscape; and industrial design, all concerned with the visual aspects of wayfinding; communicating identity; and information, and shaping the idea of the space. Our designers' versatility and expertise in architectural, interpretive, and wayfinding sign systems spans residential; multi-family and commercial applications.

Program Development

MSI has the technical expertise to provide assistance with:

  • Budget Establishment
  • Target Marketing
  • Concept Development
  • Conceptual Layouts
  • Traffic Flow Analysis
  • Sign Programming
  • Sign Criteria
  • Construction Drawings
  • Working Drawings
  • Project Management

Regulatory Assistance

MSI's ordinance specialists are available to assist with permit acquisition and processing, ground lease acquisition, conditional use permits, and government relations. In addition, our designers and project managers are fluent in ADA, HUD and other regulations and are versed in providing full compliance.

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Project Management

Managing the Work

MSI provides a systematic approach to project management. Our departments work very closely together from the initial stages. All communication is conveyed directly through the assigned project manager for the duration of the project. The project manager coordinates with internal staff including design and production. It is through this separation and specialization of tasks that enables us to provide timely responses when schedules are limited. At the inception of the project a schedule will be created depicting milestones and deliverables by project phase.

Project Phases:

  • Phase #1 Design Analysis & Program Development
  • Phase #2 Conceptual Design
  • Phase #3 Design Implementation
  • Phase #4 Preproduction Construction Drawings
  • Phase #5 Fabrication & Installation / Construction Management
  • (If MSI does not Fabricate we can provide construction administration services)
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MSI offers the convenience, cost savings and communication advantages of a functionally integrated operation. Our sign fabricators work closely with design teams daily, giving us the expertise to fluidly translate the designer’s vision into attractive, effective products for the client’s environment.

Possessing an in house fabrication and production staff gives MSI a unique ability to support our design staff with quick solutions to any design-engineering issue. Throughout the design process fabrication and material selections are reviewed. We coordinate design with production staff to make recommendations to value engineer our product to identify appropriate and cost effective fabrication. This allows for quick solution formulation to any technical issue.

In-house fabrication also gives us the ability to prototype signage. During the design process drawings alone may not be enough to envision the final product. In these cases MSI can rely on our fabrication team to create samples and full mock ups to assist our clients in making a final design selection.

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Installation and Beyond

MSI has its own network of installers, trained in both installation and communication skills. Our matrix of local offices provide convenient maintenance service to your location. And because we always keep your specifications on file, updates and refurbishment are as simple as placing an order.

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