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Flags and banners bring attention and
visual interest to entrances, street
scenes and landscape.

MSI provides a variety of flag options including:

  • a variety of colors and materials
  • custom designs
  • standard and custom sizes
  • solid panel or multi-panel options
  • imprinting using silk screening, dye sublimation, or digital
  • single and double-sided options
  • single sleeved, grommet or dory style

Flag poles and pole installation are available

  • standard poles in regular or heave gauge
  • galvanized steel painted white
  • 21´ or 30´ height
  • sleeve set installation
  • custom poles are also available

MSI provides a wide selection of custom banners and Avenue Banners

  • custom designs
  • outdoor fabric, nylon and vinyl materials
  • a variety of colors
  • standard and custom sizes
  • imprinting using silk screening, dye sublimation, or digital print
  • single and double sided options
  • hardware and installation services
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Flags by MSI

out door real estate flags more real estate flags a variety of colored flags on poles directing attention and giving directions to real estate sales office
pole flag brings attention and intrest to sales office entrence
fabrice pole flags motivate customers to your sales office pole flags and banners installed flags and banners solid colors
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Banners by MSI

large banner for side of loft, building large printed banner for marketing real estate large residential banner on a garage door
large banner for real estate sales gallery multiple banners over awnings in urban setting banner for real estate sales office
large installed banner for luxury rental apartments large leasing banners for real estate leasing sales office multiple banners designed for real estate building
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Avenue Banners by MSI

avenue banner 1 avenue banner real estate avenue banner for school
avenue banners for real estate development avenue banner blended in with landscape avenue banner designed to fit lamp post
avenue banner for sale center avenue banner on light post