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About Lease Signs

The Lease Sign is a long-term structure that is installed in a highly visible area. The sign is typically a large wooden structure with posts sunk in concrete.

The client leases the structure and location, paying a monthly fee for the sign. MSI designs, fabricates and installs the sign as well as providing periodic maintenance and graffiti removal. This allows the client to maximize their initial marketing budget affording more exposure and paying over time for the entire off-site sign program.

The sign can be placed on a site that is leased by MSI (ground lease paid for by the client) or client’s land.

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Choose the Right Products

Advantages Example of good Uses
Larger, Stronger Format: The sturdy design of Lease Signs allows for larger sizes than many other types of signs.  The solid construction also withstands a wide variety of conditions. Drive Traffic: Attract attention and direct traffic to the location.
Directional: Guides and directs to a specific location, also gives “right way” assurance along the route. Good Site Lines: Excellent for residential and rural routes with good site lines.
Eye-Catching & Easy to Read: Well-designed signs catch passerby's attention and are easy to read with a simple, clear message. Prequalify the Project: The inclusion of pricing and/or features helps prequalify the project for potential buyers.
Riders & Snipes: Messages are easily added or changed with the use of “riders” and “snipes.” Integrated Marketing Strategy: Integrate Lease Signs with other weekend directional products as traffic enhancements in the overall marketing strategy.
Variable: The formats can vary and include die-cut, oversize, regular size, custom design and specific colors. Branding: Solidify brand and augment other branding efforts.
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Risks and Opportunities

Every product has its best uses as well as disadvantages. Our clients should be aware of potential downsides of the products and how MSI addresses those when applicable.

Potential Issues & Disadvantages   The MSI Approach
Fees and Fines: Lease Signs are illegal in many municipalities and are subject to fees and fines. arrow The MSI Approach: Educate the client of the risks and associated fines. Clients are responsible for all fines incurred.
Vandalism: Signs can be damaged.  alt="arrow" The MSI Approach: MSI attempts to place signs in the best possible signs in the best possible locations and repairs signs back to the pre-vandalism state as soon as possible.
Weekend Issues: Issues can arise during the weekend when many offices are closed. arrow The MSI Approach: The supervisor of the area checks in with the client every weekend in person or via phone. In addition, MSI operates weekend hotline phone number and email to address clients' questions and issues.
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