300 - SWHS - Room ID

Color Inspiration: Red

Red: The color of passion and drama. In advertising, this color attracts the most attention because it is associated with strong emotions such as love or anger. If you’re looking to attract attention to your signage or even your interiors, red is a great color to inspire excitement! Check out some red inspiration below in some of our work.

A great example of the use of red in room identification signage. With the muted grays around the sign, it pops out and no one can miss the identifying sign.
This custom hanging sign used in San Diego County libraries is bold in it’s red color with complementing yellow. The goal of this sign is for anyone who has a question to know where to go – we think this was absolutely accomplished!
A burgandy-red stands out while being more sophisticated as seen in this sign for wine tasting in Temecula, CA.
The use of red in this sign for the Marriott is used for cautionary purposes. It stands out against the gray so no one will miss this message!
The most obvious use of red is in a stop sign. Red is used as a cautionary color here and clearly works as it is the standard across the world!