How to get More Traffic to your Grand Opening

Your project is about to have it’s grand opening. You’re all set with your online and print advertising, you have your “Coming Soon” signs, but now you need people to attend your grand opening. Aside from promoting your event online via social networks and your website, you’ll need to garner interest with passerbyers and the community. We have outlined the top 5 traffic attention-getters for Grand Openings and why they work.

These Weekend Directional Signs for Shea Homes have been doubled-up for attention along with their message of a “Quick Move In” rider.

5. Weekend Directional Signage. By far, weekend directional signage is the most cost-efficient form of advertising you can do on the weekends. Even in highly saturated areas, weekend directional signs can stand out when you have a bold, strong message. Weekend directionals, also known as bootlegs, bandits, and WEDs, should already be a part of your every-weekend advertising, but for a grand opening you can add extra pizzazz by attaching balloons, attaching grand opening riders, or putting 2 signs on the same stake.

This Living Sign stands out.

4. Living Signs. Living Signs aren’t for every budget, but if you have room in your budget, Living Signs can attract a lot of attention. Even with a tighter budget, Living Signs can be a great addition to your grand opening weekend. When you have an animated person waving a sign, it definitely attracts attention. Living Signs are also larger than weekend directional signage so they are easier to see from farther away. A great Living Sign is worth the investment!

Spheres and other large aerials attract attention from far away. Think of them like daytime spotlights.

3. Aerial Sphere or Blimp. Aerial Spheres or Blimps attract attention from far away. Home buyers driving around on the weekend see these aerials and immediately know there’s something special that way. They’ll head in the direction of the aerial advertising and get the rest of the way there with helpful directional signage. Aerials alone attract the attention, but your directional signage (whether temporary or permanent) get the buyer to your project.

Banners can share information about your Grand Opening event.

2. Banners. Banners are great before, during and after a grand opening. Most cities will allow a temporary 30-day promotional banner. They are great for gathering interest from passerbyers and share pertinent information, like the date of your grand opening! Although temporary, banners have always been a great way of advertising for all types of businesses and events.

Balloons let home buyers know where the party is!

1. Balloons. The best investment you can make for your grand opening are simple balloons. They add attention to your existing signage and when used strategically, add an element of fun and excitement to the entrance of your sales office or event space. Balloons can be added to almost anything, but the most popular ways to use balloons are attached to the trap fence, the main identification sign, A-Frame signs, attached to strategically placed weekend directional signs as well as the entrance to the sales office and/or event area.

Peddlers are a great choice when you want to be unique.

BONUS: Peddlers

Peddlers aren’t for every situation, but for the right project, the Peddler is awesome! Peddlers are great for urban environments where a moving sign makes sense. They are also great during big events to gain interest. For example, one of our clients used the Peddler service during MLB’s Spring Training to get interest of those attending the event.

Whatever tactics you take for your grand opening, make them memorable!