New Year, New Design Inspo!

January brings forth a time of new opportunity to transform, redefine and embrace new trends for the New Year in Interior Design! 2018 brought us some of the most stylish and eclectic trends seen on the forefront of interior design news: heavily influence of industrial elements, statement ceilings and painted floor tiles, monochromatic color pallets as well as striking geometric patterns – and last but not least, the return of wall paper. Interior walls dressed in warm earthy tones paired with eclectic relationship of shapes, textures and materials to create an urban yet comfortable style. 2019 brings forth a sense of optimism for Interior Design trends in residential and commercial spaces. In the spirit of bright and fresh, Pantone has released Living Coral as the color of the year for 2019. In addition to this juicy bright color, keep an eye out for crisp shades of mint, watermelon, flourishing greens, cocoa browns, shades of terracotta and Klein blue in this year’s desired color pallet.


As they often do, design trends and styles repeat themselves and reemerge with evolved elements and principles. 2018 offered the sign community an eclectic, yet bold industrial statement of design throughout 2018. However, 2019 interior design will begin to take on a more worldly approach as designers have started incorporating layered mixes of styles and time period influence into their designs.

The demand for procurement of custom pieces is taking center stage in the realm of interior design demand.  According to Architectural Digest, “A desire for custom and one-of-a-kind items topped the survey results. Nearly half of designers polled (49 percent) plan to source artisan-made, one-of-a-kind pieces in 2019, up from 42 percent last year. Meanwhile, 58 percent say they customize the pieces they source for clients, up from 44 percent last year.”

In addition to one-of-a-kind pieces, use of bold saturated color, jeweled tones, geometric and floral patterns will continue to adorn and showcase interiors in the upcoming New Year. Forecast for trends in 2019 are set to take on an experimental quality, promoting originality and encourage spontaneity. Interior Design trends, in short will embrace chance, unexpected experiences and a sense of wonder.

Overall, design will focus on multi-cultural, multi-colored, multi-layered and pushes multi-use spaces in a more extreme direction accommodating widespread needs amongst office culture/ environments, residential and commercial spaces. Colors are bright and bold, materials are innovative in recycling methods, products are adaptable and the patterns are dynamic.


Workplace Focus

Design has a fantastic ability to help generate sustainable, resilient, and healthy communities by space planning and creating unique designs to fit the needs of each user. According to Gensler, “more than two billion people poised to move to global cities by 2050, the demand for new buildings will rise, and the way we design, build, and operate them will be one of the determining factors in our global efforts to address climate change”.

Over the last few years, there has been a surge of increasing awareness around the effectiveness of implementing smart technology, Biophilia, or “Second Nature” design trends into office culture and collaborative environments. As the knowledge and technology continues to advance and streamline, companies continue to implement smart technology designs into office environments to create office spaces with more flexible and multifunctional spaces; not to mention high focus largely is on employee and customer happiness.

Biophilic design has evolved from a trendy statement in design to a necessity staple when designing office, public, and private spaces.  Today, mainstream understanding and acceptance surrounding the health and productivity benefits of biophilic design allow designers to implement green walls, plants, trees, and flowers in indoor environments.

Benefits of Biophilia

  • WELL, FitWel, and LEED
  • Living green walls, plants
  • Natural lighting and oxygen
  • Thermal comfort and high-quality ventilation
  • Visual connections with nature
  • Natural materials – biomorphic forms & patterns such as wood and stone

Other Trends We’re Seeing in the Workspace

Cement or Micro Cement
Color Leather Upholstery
LED Lighting
Break the monotony with color
Wood with Marked Veins

What are your favorite Interior Design trends? Are you incorporating any of these trends in your designs this year? Let us know in the comments.