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San Diego County Farm Bureau Donor Wall

The San Diego County Farm Bureau called on Motivational Systems to design and fabricate a floor-to-ceiling donor wall display for their new Corporate building. The Farm Bureau had a concept to have the donor wall look like an aerial view of farm land. Our Graphic Design team took the concept and ran with it, designing a very clean and beautiful donor wall.

Final Product

An Interview with the Project Graphic Designer, Mallory Poeltler

MSI: What was the intent of the donor wall? Who is meant to view it?
MP: The donor wall is located in their (San Diego County Farm Bureau) main lobby/stairwell. It’s audience is intended for members and business partners of the agricultural community, as well as government agencies, educators and the public to encourage development and partnership within the organization.

MSI: What consideration was given to the environment when designing this donor wall?
MP: Considerations were made for the limited wall/area space; it being viewed from 3 different levels/perspectives; obstructions (including handrails), color scheme; fabrication and installation.

MSI: How did you overcome challenges in this project?
MP: Changes happen constantly in the world of design, it is up to us designers to apply changed information and adapt our designs to make it work cohesively, aesthetically and successfully.

MSI: Will they be adding more donors? If so, how did you design for a growing donor base?
MP: They indeed intend to add more donors, and we included in the design to have multiple blank plaques to save space for these future donors. The open ‘patches of farmland’ are there to encourage partners and the public to become part of this growing community.

MSI: What was your favorite part of this project?
MP: The client’s feedback was always positive, and seeing the teamwork between designer and client come together to create the client’s vision is always rewarding. My favorite part was seeing a photo of the finished install of the donor wall and comparing it to a rendering that was sent to the client prior to install, and the results look identical. It gave me pride to know that what was delivered is exactly what was promised.

About the San Diego County Farm Bureau
The San Diego County Farm Bureau is a non-profit organization supported solely by more than 2,000 members, educating growers and the public about their fast-evolving industry, communicate the value of local agriculture, and represent farming business and regulatory needs. As the leading advocate for the farm community, they work with elected officials, government agencies, educators, the public, and the media to serve the needs of the farm community with informed, timely information and services. They help the members of the community appreciate the value farming brings to the region.