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Selecting the Ideal Font for Your Signage

Communication is key in anything that we do, professionally and personally. There are many different styles and types of communication, and whether verbal, visual or auditory; communication, when done properly, will evoke a response.

When promoting your business, it is extremely important to invoke the desired response. The proper font combined with your sign design can do just that. Just like a favorite song, the right font can elicit feelings and emotions that, in most cases, can help your advertising efforts.

One of the first steps is to determine the purpose of the sign, how will the sign be viewed, and what are the surroundings of the sign? If a sign is going to be viewed from a distance or at high rates of speed, you will want fonts that are easy to read and are familiar such as Times New Roman or Helvetica.

For a new home community, you will want to take a look at the surroundings. You may want the colors to complement the surroundings and your logo, while allowing the sign to stand out, and convey the style and culture of your community. A lot of times, new home communities will want that style mimicked in their signage and can be a little more creative with fonts and design. Signs within the community, will be viewed more closely, and at a slower rate. Therefore, the fonts can be more customized. Recognition is key, especially with wayfinding signage. Similar to street signs or restroom signs, symbols or shapes of signs can create a pattern that the eye will subconsciously recognize.

Choosing the ideal font for your project or signage is an important step to creating community or promoting a message. The benefit of an experienced Environmental Graphic Designer is to guide you through all the steps of creating the ideal signage design for your purpose.