The Wayfinding Design Process

Have you ever wondered how the wayfinding design process works? We’re here to answer all your questions! There are two main parts to the design process: Planning and Design.


You can’t just design something without a little planning first. We always start research and analysis with a kickoff meeting, interviews or site-surveys to understand the requirements of the design. During the research process we will gather information to determine patterns, likes and dislikes, function, the overall goal, and so much more.

The next step in the planning process is strategy. Based on the results from the research and analysis phase, our designers will propose a strategy for the program. The strategy will be the framework for the overall function of the program. A clear and effective strategy will make for a seamless transition to the next phase.

The last phase in the planning process is programming. During programming, our graphic designers will make decisions on key locations of signs for code and compliance as well as function, wayfinding, and identification.


Now that we have done all the pre-planning, we can design the signage! We start with a schematic design by selecting key sign types and exploring different designs, typography, materials, colors, etc.

The next step in design is the design development. Once the schematic design scheme is approved, the design development details the typography, color, materials, finishes, and mounting. This step will finalize the design and any coordination with the Architect or Engineer will happen during this step.

Lastly in design is the construction documentation. The design-intent drawings are completed for all of the approved sign types. Final layouts, elevations and fabrication details are completed and ready to be fabricated!

Now that the design is complete, the design comps will be sent to the fabrication division to be produced and installed.

Do you still have questions about our design process? Contact us, we’d love to talk further about the process or any other questions you may have.