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5 Ways to be a Dog-Friendly Community

We all love our pets, and most of us consider them a part of our family. We only want what’s best for our furry friends. Dog-loving families are not just looking for a community for the humans in the family, they are also looking for communities where their dogs can thrive. If you’re building in one of the dog-friendliest cities, you definitely want to cater to the dog loving crowd. How can you do this?

1. Make dog owners and their pets feel welcome with a “Pet’s Welcome” sign, a bowl of water, and dog treats in your sales office or leasing center.

Image Credit: Well Pet Coach

2.Offer dog parks, dog runs, or dog-friendly meet-up areas in your community or even in your building.

3. Offer pet services. Depending on how your community is set up, this could be setting up a monthly mobile groomer, leasing space to a veterinarian, or providing a wash/grooming space for your tenants.

4. Install pet waste stations to keep your community clean.

5. Provide ways for pet owners to socialize. Organize community events for dogs and their owners.


Making a community a pet-friendly community will be sure to make your project stand out from others making for happy dogs and happy owners! Tell us how you plan to incorporate pets into your project in the comments below.