Top 6 Reasons you Should Invest in Window Graphics for your Business

Retail, office space, restaurants and pretty much any business that wants to attract attention should look to invest in window graphics. Window graphics offer a cost-effective marketing opportunity to draw in new customers to your business. There are different types of window graphics such as perforated window graphics, solid vinyl window graphics and window clings. We’ll be focusing on perforated and solid vinyl window graphics. So, let’s get to it. Here are the top 6 reasons your business should invest in window graphics.

Cost Effective Advertising – Adding window graphics and/or lettering to your business is one of the most cost-effective marketing opportunities available. Window graphics are generally inexpensive and attract a ton of potential new customers to your business.

Informational – Window graphics allows your business to display who you are, what you sell and any current promotions you may have. You can also use window graphics to direct customers to your entrance.

Limitless – Window graphics aren’t permanent, you can switch up your messaging for seasons or promotions. Creating a changing scene can attract even more attention from regular passersby who will notice the change and will want to see what’s new. Window graphics are also great for promoting a business that is under construction by creating buzz about what’s to come.

Heat Reduction – Not only do vinyl graphics help advertise your business but did you know they can also help save money by cutting down on the amount of heat entering through your windows? If you’re in places like Las Vegas or Phoenix, when it’s peak summer heat, these vinyl graphics work as a tint, helping to cool your building.

Avoid City Permits – One of the biggest headaches for businesses is getting permits for their signs. Window graphics generally don’t need permits and often have no limits or restrictions. Taking advantage of not having to get a permit gets your messaging up faster.

Attractive – Beyond advertising, window graphics can be used as a decorative piece. Extend your branding or add a privacy element to a conference room or office.

With so many benefits, window graphics are a great way of enhancing the visibility of your business. No matter what type or size of window graphic you’re interested in, Motivational Systems, Inc. can help bring your vision to life with our in-house design and fabrication.