Weekend Directional Signage for Watermarke Homes

Signage has been pointing people in the right direction since there were enough people on earth that needed to know where to go. Directional signage comes in all shapes and sizes, including smaller, temporary directional signage that is typically placed on the weekends. With this type of signage, you can pull from the high weekend traffic and advertise your business. Watermarke Homes is one of those businesses that Motivational Systems works with to achieve their traffic and sales goals.

The Challenge

Watermarke Homes was looking for a low-cost, yet effective signage plan for their current projects. They hired Motivational Systems, Inc. to review their traffic flow and make recommendations for effective signage to increase traffic to their new home projects.

MSI formulated a custom arrangement of products to increase traffic based on weekend traffic flows and other signage in the surrounding area.

How Weekend Directional Signage Helped

Ultimately, MSI recommended weekend directional signage for the Watermarke projects and produced routes of signage to increase traffic to the projects.

During the use of weekend directional signage, the site traffic to Watermarke’s projects has consistently produced higher traffic numbers week after week, resulting in more home sales.

Carly Gamble from Watermarke Homes:

“Watermarke Homes has been using MSI’s Weekend Directional Program for nearly a year now. Our site traffic at all projects utilizing the program have consistently produced higher numbers week after week. Our Account Executive, Diana, has been there any time we need her to make last minute changes, receive price inquiries, or simply discuss new possible ideas. We honestly could not ask for a better full service marketing company and highly recommend MSI to be your one stop shop too!”