What Questions to Ask when Interviewing a Sign Company

So, you’re in need of signs for your project. You’ve done the research and have narrowed it down. Your next step is meeting with the Sales Representatives to see if the company is going to be a good fit for your project. What questions do you ask? We’ve compiled some of the best questions to ask a sign company:

Question #1: Are you a design-build firm? Depending on your needs, a company who can design and build your signs can be an asset working in conjunction with your creative team. Design-Build helps with time and project management. When the project team works together, signs are designed and engineered to be fabricated.

Question #2: What is the typical lead time on a project my size and scope? When asking this question, look for reasonable time frames. Lead times vary depending on materials spec’ed and production methods needed. A reasonable lead time allows for better quality and budget control. If the short time frame seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Questions #3: Where is manufacturing done? When manufacturing is done in the USA for US projects, there is no stalled time with product sitting in customs, potentially not reaching your project by the deadline. In addition, there is much better quality and lead time control when product is manufactured in-house.

Question #4: What is your relevant experience to a project like mine (project and product type)? Although a company may not have exact experience in your project type, they may have it in product type. For example: A hotel project is very similar in scope to a large apartment complex. This would be considered relevant product experience. It is important that the sign company shows that they understand your scope and project type and can deliver on your needs.

Question #5: Do you install your product? Although not always necessary, it can be helpful for scheduling if in addition to designing and building your signs, they can also install. If they do not install their own product, ask if they have recommendations for an installation team and if they have an installation partner they stand by.

Question #6: Are you a licensed sign contractor? It is important that your sign contractor is licensed to perform the services they are contracting with you. To check California license status, visit the Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board website. To check Nevada license status, visit the Nevada State Contractors Board website. To check Arizona license status, visit the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website.

Question #7: Are you insured? Insurance is important on all project sizes from workers’ compensation insurance to general liability. You’ll want to be ensured your sign contractor has all the proper insurance in case of an incident.

Question #8: Who is responsible for the permitting and are they required? It is convenient when a sign company takes care of the permitting. A knowledgeable company will be able to not only permit for you, but also let you know if permitting is required since laws are different in all states, counties and cities. Licensed sign contractors are able to pull permits for their clients, unlike unlicensed contractors.

Question #9: What is your product and installation warranty? A company with product and service warranty is a reputable company. If there is no warranty, you may be in for trouble down the line.

Are there any other questions that are must-ask? Let us know in the comments!