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Color Inspiration: Blue

Blue: The color of Trust. Blue is thought to induce calm and convey serenity and peace. You’ll often find this color in healthcare and spas. Because it creates calmness, it inspires feelings of loyalty, integrity and responsibility. See how our clients have used blue with their signs.

They great use of blue in this donor wall captures the feeling of water, the ocean and serenity.
Award-winning Evo, Trio, Metro designated different colors for each project. The blue for Evo matches the upscale experience of the project.
Blue combined with red and yellow make an impact for DR Horton.
Two different blues complement each other for Etiwanda Classics.
The blue in this sophisticated off-site sign is perfect for the sophisticated group of people they are targeting.
The blue in the identification sign and the flags look wonderful with the natural surroundings.
Blue is the perfect color to represent calmness and serenity in spa signage.
Blue instantly makes you think of water, would you have guessed that this sign is for a hotel next to the ocean? Fitting, isn’t it?
Aqua blue is a great trendy blue to use in your stylish projects.