Ways to Avoid Stress when Trying to get Occupancy (from your Sign Contractor’s Prospective)

Did you know April is Stress Awareness Month? We want to help you avoid stress in any way that we can. Occupancy permits are definitely a stressful step in getting ready to occupy a building. Motivational Systems‘ Project Managers have been an integral partner in helping a building get their occupancy permits. We have seen countless General Contractors stressed out to get their submittals through before the project is due. Avoid stress by following these steps with your sign contractor:

  1. Hire a competent sign company who will communicate and be proactive. Communication is key and no project can be successful without successful communication.
  2. Hire a sign company that will do site visits and create a sign program for you. The advantages of a company that will go on-site and create a program for you are that no signs are missed because a person physically walked the site instead of relied on just the plans. Plans change and a site visit can ensure that no required signs are missed.
  3. Bring your sign company into the project with enough time to not have to do temporary signage to save costs. At a minimum, with appropriate response times to submittals, a project from design to installation can be completed in 10-12 weeks dependent on the size and scope of the project. If you hire your sign company early enough, all signs can be produced and ready for installation at your call (allow time to schedule installation).
  4. If you have a short lead-time, get direction from the inspector if possible. In most cases, for occupancy, the required signage is stair and elevator exit/egress, restrooms, and building address. It is possible you can avoid temporary signage if you prioritize this signage in the fabrication process.

We hope these tips can help with the stresses of getting your occupancy permits. What have been your biggest project stresses?